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About Me

"I was in Chinese herb major during my bachelor and master degree in China. In a very coincidence, I got a chance to deliver medical aid with my schoolmates in rural area which is lack of medical resources.  I was so inspired by the magical healing methods of acupuncture. It can help people immediately and directly with an astonishingly good result.  Since then I was totally into this amazing healing art.

Education Background

University of Bridgeport 2022

University of Bridgeport 2018

Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master in Acupuncture

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2016

Master in Chinese Pharmaceutical Science(Pharmacology direction)

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2013

Bachelor in Chinese Herb

Flower vase
Green tea

My Philosophy

We work with you, not only to help you heal faster, but to understand why you became sick in the first place. Our treatment philosophy is inherently holistic and we believe prevention is an integral part of treatment.

You are unique, so are your treatments.
One size does not fit all when it comes to medicine. Highly individualized treatments create tremendous leverage when it comes to healing. By changing our approach to suit you and your individual condition you get better faster.

One treatment method may be enough, but if it isn't we will integrate several therapies into a single custom treatment. We flexibly adapt our treatments to you, so that you make clinical progress

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