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What is cupping?

Cupping therapy is a highly beneficial traditional Chinese medicine solution that can help improve your health, resolve pain, and enhance healing. 


How does cupping work?

Cupping is a noninvasive alternative solution for promoting healing and helping you reach optimal health. During your cupping session, your provider places a small amount of a flammable solution into specialized cups.

They set the solution on fire, which burns for just a few seconds. When the flames go out, your provider places the cups upside down on various locations of your body. As the air inside each cup cools, suction occurs, which draws your skin up into the cup (like a vacuum).

As an alternative, your practitioner may use silicone cups or rubber pumps to create similar suction effects. In any case, the results of cupping are known to promote blood flow, relieve inflammation, and relieve tension.

You may also be a candidate for wet cupping. Wet cupping works similarly, except after removing a cup, your provider uses a sterile surgical scalpel to make tiny cuts. They place cups over these areas again to help suction out a small amount of blood and any lingering toxins.

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