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Special treatment proved to be effective in China to fight the virus

Over 90% COVID-19 patients in China were treated with Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine can significantly reduce the fever, cough and fatigue symptoms of COVID-19 patients, it’s also very helpful to reduce the inflammation in lung. In Wuhan, they set up a lot of makeshift hospitals. Here is some data released from one, in which the mild symptom patients were mainly treated with Chinese medicine. There was not a single case that turned severe.

According to a research on 108 COVID-19 cases in another makeshift hospital.

As you can see, it is much more effective to combine these two methods together.

Boli Zhang, the head of the Jiangxia Fangcang makeshift hospital believes that, Chinese medicine is effective enough to treat the patients with mild symptoms, like chill, fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, and control it from going deeper into the lungs.

In Jiangxia Fangcang makeshift hospital, patients were given Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Guasha and Taiji. The atmosphere was very harmonious. By March 10th, Jiangxia Fangcang achieved 3 ZERO patient outcomes:

1) Zero patients turned into severe cases.

2) Zero recovered patients turned back to positive.

3) Zero medical doctors were infected.

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